Middle School Clubs & Athletics

Green Team

Meets monthly to discuss new initiatives, gather data on our school’s performance, and supports other schools seeking the U.S. Green Ribbon. Our tasks are varied from learning the EPA’s Portfolio Manager to presenting at conferences. These go getters want to go beyond our regular classroom GREEN efforts and learn some of the details of facility maintenance.

Science Olympiad

There are 23 science events that students can choose to compete in. We are always in need of coaches for individual events, so parents if you know of someone who can guide the students in their quest for science mastery, please send them our way!

Cross Country

Exploris Cross Country is for any student who is committed to improving as a runner and participating in running as a team sport. We offer the opportunity for students to challenge themselves at all levels. The common goal for each runner is to demonstrate significant self-improvement and to be a committed and supportive team member. In order to participate in Cross Country, students must be able to jog for 20 minutes without stopping to walk. We encourage students interested in participating to run on their own in the weeks leading up to the season.

During practice, students run throughout downtown Raleigh in small groups with teacher and parent volunteers. Running groups run different distances depending on pace, but runners should expect to run at least 1.5-3 miles during an average practice.

Each season, the Exploris team participates in 2-3 middle school cross country meets which are held in the Raleigh/Cary area. Standard middle school cross country courses are 3 kilometers or 1.86 miles.

Ultimate Frisbee

Exploris students may participate in the Exploris Lightning ultimate frisbee team, coached by a volunteer. Practices are held weekly at Halifax mall, and students compete in a local league.

Cam Docents

The CAM Middle School Student Docent Program is a school program for Exploris students in grades six through eight designed to equip students with the necessary skills to discover and connect with contemporary art and design. CAM Raleigh’s middle school docents attend a series of after-school sessions with a museum educator. Weekly training sessions use an inquiry-based approach to teach students the skills to decode and analyze works of art featured in the museum’s exhibitions. When training is complete docents use the same approach to engage museum visitors in conversations about the work on view.


The Exploris School yearbook staff is made up of student writers, photographers, and editors who create and publish the Exploris yearbook. Our yearbook program recently won the National Yearbook Program of Excellence award. Students can apply and submit applications, along with a teacher recommendation for a chance to be a member of the yearbook staff in August. Yearbook meets every Wednesday afternoon at the middle school. Our meetings start in mid-late September and we meet until our final deadline in late February. Yearbook will also meet a few times in May to help organize and distribute yearbooks.