The Exploris School


Purpose and Standards for Promotion

Students at The Exploris School are required to meet applicable promotion standards. Promotion decisions are based upon multiple criteria as mandated by current state law and State Board of Education policies. What follows is a summary of processes reflective of required standards. In the event these procedures and state policy differ, state regulations will take precedence. North Carolina General Statutes § 115C-83.7., § 115C-83.9

  1. Promotion decisions shall be based on promotion criteria as defined

by current State Board of Education policy.The Executive Director has the authority to promote or retain students in accordance with state and the school’s promotion standards. North Carolina General Statutes § 115C-83.7., § 115C-83.8, § 115C-83.9,§ § 115C-105.41

  1. The Executive Director’s decision is to be data based using multiple criteria including benchmark and summative assessments (local and state), portfolios and artifacts in order to support promotions and retention decisions.=
  2. The sole use of state and/or federal mandated assessment results for promotion decisions is prohibited.