The downtown locations of Exploris’s Elementary and Middle school programs have been an essential part of the school’s culture and success. At the same time, being downtown presents some challenges. Parking and carpool routines have never been easy for us, but we have managed by adapting over the years to change and by trying to use common sense.

Safety is our primary concern. Please remember to never block intersections or impede the normal flow of traffic. Please carefully read the information below.


At Exploris, we have chosen to focus our resources on teacher quality and a safe facility, rather than providing transportation for students on school buses. All parents who can provide transportation to and from school are asked to do so.

Carpooling is strongly encouraged, and Exploris staff and the PTO will gladly help families form carpool groups.


Exploris’s parking lots are reserved for staff parking. Please do not pull over in front of the parking lot when dropping off or picking up your child. In order to have a smooth drop off and pick up procedure, you may not get out of your car if you are in the queuing lanes. If you need to get out of your car for any reason, please park on the street or in parking garages in designated areas.