The following information will help you to understand assessments your child might take at Exploris School. Information presented below includes:

  • What information is assessed?

  • Why is my child taking this assessment?

  • What is the schedule for assessments?

  • Information about what the assessment looks like?

  • How the scores are used?

Standardized Tests Used at Exploris 


Acronym Stands For

What Grade Levels/Who

What does it assess

How often

Where does it come from? Other notes



All Students K-3

Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency and Reading Comprehension.

3 times per year

Nationally normed and standardized, given 1:1 with a teacher. 

North Carolina Early Numeracy Skills Indicator
Early Numeracy Concepts
3 times per year
The NC ENSI are validated math measures (K-3) for screening and progress monitoring the most critical numeracy concepts. The measures are offered free to all districts and charter schools in North Carolina.


Measures of Academic Progress

2nd- 8th

2-3 Math

4-5 Math & Reading

6-8 Math, Reading, Language

3 times per year

Nationally normed and standardized. Adaptive up to college level, online. Measures of Academic Progress (MAP Growth) is a state-aligned, computerized adaptive assessment program that provides Exploris educators with the information they need to improve teaching and learning and to make student-focused, data-driven decisions.

n/a2nd- 8th

Math (2-8)

Reading (4-8)

Weekly for diagnostic progress monitoring.
Diagnostic provides immediate insights that support your teachers’ daily instruction. Using students’ diagnostic results, IXL creates personalized learning plans for students to close gaps quickly. These results and plans stay up-to-date throughout the year, helping educators differentiate instruction and target their lessons.


Beginning of Grade Test

All 3rd Grade Students


1 time per year within the first 10 days of school

Standardized, statewide as part of Read to Achieve, multiple choice, 3rd grade curriculum. 


End of Grade Tests

All Students 3-8

3-8 Math and Reading

5, 8 Science

1 time per year within the last 10 days of school

Standardized, statewide, multiple choice, open-ended, gridded response for current grade curriculum only


End of Course Test

Math 1 & Math 2 Students


Math 1

Math 2

1 time per year within the last 10 days of school

Standardized, statewide, multiple choice, open-ended, gridded response, high school exam



Select Students K-8

English Language Learning assessment for students who do not have English as their primary language

1 time per year

Includes speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Assessment administered by ESL teacher

Scores from these assessments are used in conjunction with other data to plan instruction and provide student support.

Please click here for The Exploris School's Read to Achieve Grade 3 End-of-Year (EOY) Results.